Retro ZX Spectrum games
Retro ZX Spectrum games
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Retro ZX Spectrum games

Football Manager retro game

Football Manager

Original game that gave the inspiration and its name to modern times Football Manager series.

Dictator retro game


There are many ways to rule your country, but when you are a dictator you have to balance on the edge of revolution every day.

Blue Max retro game

Blue Max

Classic arcade game with slight elements of simulation - we take control over World War I plane that flies deep behind enemy lines and attacks the land targets and strategic bridges.

Spy Hunter retro game

Spy Hunter

Arcade game inspired by James Bond movies - you drive a heavily armed car on the road full of people that want you dead.

Rescue on Fractalus! retro game

Rescue on Fractalus!

Rocky surface and dense toxic atmosphere of planet Fractalus is a worst place to be stuck, especially when your fighter has just been shot down and you don’t really have much choice.

free online detective game

The Lone Detective
free online detective game

Election retro game


What could be simpler than democracy? Find out by running the local election campaign for one of parties in United Kingdom.

Silent Service retro game

Silent Service

Classic submarine simulator that set the standards for the genre that more or less are still in use in modern titles.

Formula One retro game

Formula One

One of the first Formula One management games that set the standards that are still in use in modern games of the genre.

Ace of Aces retro game

Ace of Aces

World War 2 flight simulator, in which we flight de Havilland Mosquito multi-role airplane in missions over occupied Europe attacking strategic targets.

The Hunt for Red October retro game

The Hunt for Red October

Game advertised as "ultimate submarine combat simulator" that did not managed to live up to the optimism of the publisher.

The Train: Escape to Normandy retro game

The Train: Escape to Normandy

One of the early simulations based on the 1964 war movie The Train - during World War 2 French resistance takes control over a train and drives it towards Normandy, where Allied forces have landed.

Gunboat retro game


1988 simulator of American fast patrol boats that were used during Vietnam War to operate on the great rivers of Southeast Asia.

Bismarck retro game


Strategy game with elements of arcade built around real World War II events surrounding the hunt for German battleship Bismarck as it was trying to breakthrough to Atlantic.

Carrier Command retro game

Carrier Command

Classic strategy game with action elements - on surface a very simple looking game, but once you take a look at the details it is a great piece of software from 1988.

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