Retro submarine simulators
Retro submarine simulators
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Retro submarine simulators

Submarine Commander retro game

Submarine Commander

Early submarine simulator published in 1982 - as captain of a U-Boat on Mediterranean Sea during World War II you chase the Allied convoys.

Silent Service retro game

Silent Service

Classic submarine simulator that set the standards for the genre that more or less are still in use in modern titles.

The Hunt for Red October retro game

The Hunt for Red October

Game advertised as "ultimate submarine combat simulator" that did not managed to live up to the optimism of the publisher.

SeaLance retro game


One of the less known submarine simulators - the story behind it is surprisingly complex, but in general we are put in charge of the nuclear submarine and... we have to face Aliens.

Silent Service II retro game

Silent Service II

Five years after Silent Service MicroProse published second version of the game with improved graphics, but basically identical with the original. As they say you can’t improve the perfection...

You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

Magical 5 characters
You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

Das Boot retro game

Das Boot

Submarine simulator inspired by classic German war movie was quite ambitious project, but the final effect wasn’t as unforgettable as the movie.

Silent Hunter retro game

Silent Hunter

First real subsim after the 8-bit computers classics Silent Service and Silent Service 2 - you are put in charge of World War 2 submarine on Pacific.

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