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Retro sport games
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Retro sport games

One on One retro game

One on One

Classic basketball game with two of the most famous players of their times, Julius Erving and Larry Bird, meeting on the court in one-on-one duel.

Formula One retro game

Formula One

One of the first Formula One management games that set the standards that are still in use in modern games of the genre.

Footballer of the Year retro game

Footballer of the Year

Build your own career as a soccer player and make it to the top to become the player of the year.

Player Manager retro game

Player Manager

After success of Kick Off Dino Dini came up with extension to the game that completely changed the character of the game - as player-manager we not only play in the matches, but also take care of the whole team.

1st Division Manager retro game

1st Division Manager

Simple soccer management game that simulated the top English division.

You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

Magical 5 characters
You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

Formula 1 3D retro game

Formula 1 3D

Italian 3D simulator of Formula One car on one track, but the best possible track - Monza.

Championship Manager retro game

Championship Manager

Classic soccer management game that created new standards of the genre - while simulating British professional division it gave the options to run youth team and simulated all the clubs plus option to build your own career.

Formula One Grand Prix retro game

Formula One Grand Prix

One of the first racing games that was using real physics rules to simulate the car behaviour and was using early 3D graphics to give us the feeling of being in the middle of the action.

Eishockey Manager retro game

Eishockey Manager

German ice hockey manager from creators of Bundesliga Manager, one of the more inventive of early football manager games.

Formula One Challenge retro game

Formula One Challenge

Formula One management game that puts us in charge of one of the Formula One teams with single goal - win the championship.

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick retro game

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick

Further version of classic Bundesliga Manager, again offering some very interesting options and wide range of options to manage your team.

Sensible World of Soccer retro game

Sensible World of Soccer

After publishing one of the best arcade soccer games, Sensible Soccer, the creators published the title that was an extension of the game - this time we were able to run the club and play the matches.

Santa Monica Football Club retro game

Santa Monica Football Club

Minimalistic soccer manager inspired by classic games of the genre from the 8-bit computers times - guide your team from 3rd division to the Premier in one of few countries.

PSV Eindhoven Manager retro game

PSV Eindhoven Manager

Soccer management game made with a little twist - all the events that take place in the game are accompanied by samples from sitcoms, movies or songs, which creates a great fun.

Director of Football retro game

Director of Football

German football manager that was published at turning point of the genre - when matches were shown in continuous animated form, rather than classic text and simple graphics.

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