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Retro Amiga games

One on One retro game

One on One

Classic basketball game with two of the most famous players of their times, Julius Erving and Larry Bird, meeting on the court in one-on-one duel.

Silent Service retro game

Silent Service

Classic submarine simulator that set the standards for the genre that more or less are still in use in modern titles.

Balance of Power retro game

Balance of Power

Strategy game simulating the tense atmosphere in geopolitics during Cold War - choose a side and try to bully the opponent to give up his sphere of influence.

Roadwar 2000 retro game

Roadwar 2000

After nuclear war deadly bacteria are killing the survivors. The answer to solve that problem is quite obvious - road gangs. Ok, maybe not that obvious...

The Hunt for Red October retro game

The Hunt for Red October

Game advertised as "ultimate submarine combat simulator" that did not managed to live up to the optimism of the publisher.

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Strikefleet retro game


While flight simulators and submarine simulators were quite popular genre in early computer games the simulators of surface warships were not that popular and Strikefleet is shining example why.

Genghis Khan retro game

Genghis Khan

One of the early examples of grand strategy - as Genghis Khan we take part in building the reputation of Mongols as the flail of God, sent to punish the world for its sins.

Dungeon Master retro game

Dungeon Master

One of the most revolutionary early RPG games that introduced a lot of elements that today are quite obvious, but back in 1987 were the novelty that changed the genre.

Gunboat retro game


1988 simulator of American fast patrol boats that were used during Vietnam War to operate on the great rivers of Southeast Asia.

Bismarck retro game


Strategy game with elements of arcade built around real World War II events surrounding the hunt for German battleship Bismarck as it was trying to breakthrough to Atlantic.

Carrier Command retro game

Carrier Command

Classic strategy game with action elements - on surface a very simple looking game, but once you take a look at the details it is a great piece of software from 1988.

Life & Death retro game

Life & Death

If you dream of becoming a surgeon or... you are psychopath in making this is the game for you - sharp object, helpless patients and only your meager skills separate those alive from the dead.

SeaLance retro game


One of the less known submarine simulators - the story behind it is surprisingly complex, but in general we are put in charge of the nuclear submarine and... we have to face Aliens.

Kennedy Approach retro game

Kennedy Approach

Being air traffic controller is the most stressful job in the world, but the same job turned into a game is surprisingly entertaining.

Storm Across Europe retro game

Storm Across Europe

Classic grand strategy that took the best elements of the board games and put together a truly remarkable computer game simulating World War 2 in the way that is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

Murders in Venice retro game

Murders in Venice

French detective adventure that mixed some unusual and quite innovative elements, like events taking place even without involvement of the player.

The Lost Patrol retro game

The Lost Patrol

The Lost Patrol is one of the games that simply can’t be described in just few words. It can’t even be assigned to a particular genre. It is something that has to be played to understand.

Advanced Destroyer Simulator retro game

Advanced Destroyer Simulator

Early 3D graphics plus interesting concept made this game one of the best in the genre - shooter with elements of simulation set during World War 2 aboard the British destroyer.

Silent Service II retro game

Silent Service II

Five years after Silent Service MicroProse published second version of the game with improved graphics, but basically identical with the original. As they say you can’t improve the perfection...

Player Manager retro game

Player Manager

After success of Kick Off Dino Dini came up with extension to the game that completely changed the character of the game - as player-manager we not only play in the matches, but also take care of the whole team.

Wings of Fury retro game

Wings of Fury

Simple arcade game that id set in different reality most probably would never make much impact - control American fighter during operations on the Pacific islands during World War 2.

Wings retro game


In 1916 the life expectancy for new pilots joining front line squadrons was very short. Why? Try it for yourself and find out...

Imperium retro game


Improved version of classic space exploration games from 8-bit computers - as leader of galactic empire you set out to take over the Universe... for no particular reason.

Das Boot retro game

Das Boot

Submarine simulator inspired by classic German war movie was quite ambitious project, but the final effect wasn’t as unforgettable as the movie.

Murder retro game


Classic murder-mystery game with surprisingly elaborate interface to help you with your investigation in the Ghastly Manor.

Covert Action retro game

Covert Action

One of the best games of the era - become an CIA agent and solve problem that is brewing somewhere in the world.

1st Division Manager retro game

1st Division Manager

Simple soccer management game that simulated the top English division.

MiG-29 Fulcrum retro game

MiG-29 Fulcrum

First ever flight simulator that concentrated on the Soviet airplane, the workhorse of Soviet Army, MiG-29 Fulcrum. The creators decided to take up a bit of revolution with mouse as the main controller.

Brigade Commander retro game

Brigade Commander

One of the first real-time strategy games (RTS) - set during Cold War we take part in scenarios about Warsaw Pact attacking the west.

Perfect General retro game

Perfect General

Classic strategy game set during or after World War 2 with emphasis on mobility of the units and artillery fire.

The Manager retro game

The Manager

German soccer manager game that was later adapted for English users. While far from being perfect The Manager offered original and interesting way of presenting the match events.

Football Boss retro game

Football Boss

Published in 1991 on Commodore Amiga Football Boss had more in common with the 8-bit computer games than what was being published in that times.

Formula 1 3D retro game

Formula 1 3D

Italian 3D simulator of Formula One car on one track, but the best possible track - Monza.

League Challenge retro game

League Challenge

In early 1990s there was a huge demand in Great Britain for soccer management games, which lead to a wave of half-baked products that could barely be called games. League Challenge was one of them.

Championship Manager retro game

Championship Manager

Classic soccer management game that created new standards of the genre - while simulating British professional division it gave the options to run youth team and simulated all the clubs plus option to build your own career.

Formula One Grand Prix retro game

Formula One Grand Prix

One of the first racing games that was using real physics rules to simulate the car behaviour and was using early 3D graphics to give us the feeling of being in the middle of the action.

Premier Division retro game

Premier Division

One of many UK football manager games based on same concept - start your team at the bottom division and fight your way up to the top. But Zeppelin Games managed to put few twists into this overused scenario...

Anstoss retro game


Classic German football manager that changed the genre by introducing some of the elements that are present in today games.

Eishockey Manager retro game

Eishockey Manager

German ice hockey manager from creators of Bundesliga Manager, one of the more inventive of early football manager games.

Software Manager retro game

Software Manager

Back in the wild 1990s the game industry looked completely different - the games were distributed on discs and... that’s it. Oh well, not that completely different then, but Software Manager can show you how different.

Formula One Challenge retro game

Formula One Challenge

Formula One management game that puts us in charge of one of the Formula One teams with single goal - win the championship.

Club Football - The Manager retro game

Club Football - The Manager

British are very proud of their football teams, to the point in which they made manager games more or less only about their own league. Club Football - The Manager was one of them, not the best, not the worst, just one of many.

Depthcharge retro game


Amiga version of classic 1977 arcade game - sink the enemy submarines using depth charges.

On the Ball - World Cup Edition retro game

On the Ball - World Cup Edition

Special edition of Anstoss / On the Ball football manager game, this time we take control of the national team while it is taking part in the World Cup qualifications.

Detroit retro game


German economy game, in which you are put in charge of one of the companies in brand new raising brand of industry - the car manufacturing. And yes, it takes place in early years of 20th century.

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick retro game

Bundesliga Manager Hattrick

Further version of classic Bundesliga Manager, again offering some very interesting options and wide range of options to manage your team.

Premier Manager 3 retro game

Premier Manager 3

Third from the Premier Manager series offered a lot of options to take care of tiny details of your club - from sponsors to stadium parking.

Colonial Conquest 2 retro game

Colonial Conquest 2

Amiga strategy game created in AMOS Basic, a tool usually associated with platform games and simple sprite graphics, but Colonial Conquest 2 was a glorious exception to that reputation of AMOS.

Top of the League retro game

Top of the League

British soccer manager game with quite unique approach to the genre - instead of filtering the match data the creators gave user as much information as possible.

Liga Polska Manager retro game

Liga Polska Manager

Polish soccer manager game that simulated Polish league only with sufficient set of options to run your team in the reality of 1990s.

Ultimate Soccer Manager retro game

Ultimate Soccer Manager

British game created by company that specialized in strategy games, Impressions Games, but with help of good graphics they actually pulled that off.

Sensible World of Soccer retro game

Sensible World of Soccer

After publishing one of the best arcade soccer games, Sensible Soccer, the creators published the title that was an extension of the game - this time we were able to run the club and play the matches.

Football Business retro game

Football Business

Freeware German game simulating local soccer divisions with limited options to manage your team.

Euro League Manager retro game

Euro League Manager

Italian soccer manager game inspired by Championship Manager, but lacking the style or sophistication of the original.

British Manager retro game

British Manager

Simple and a bit old-fashioned football manager gamer - published in 1996, but with the level of simulation comparable with games from 1986.

Der Produzent retro game

Der Produzent

German game that offered us chance to see how hard it is to break into the showbiz - yes, we became a movie producer and with limited budget we start our career.

Santa Monica Football Club retro game

Santa Monica Football Club

Minimalistic soccer manager inspired by classic games of the genre from the 8-bit computers times - guide your team from 3rd division to the Premier in one of few countries.

PSV Eindhoven Manager retro game

PSV Eindhoven Manager

Soccer management game made with a little twist - all the events that take place in the game are accompanied by samples from sitcoms, movies or songs, which creates a great fun.

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