Murders in Venice 1989 retro game
Murders in Venice 1989 retro game
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Murders in Venice

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Murders in Venice retro game

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Murders in Venice starts after news has broke that someone plans to blow up the city using a bomb. Also there was a murder committed somewhere in Venice, but no body of the victim was found yet. You, as a player, arrive to solve the mystery, but you have to count on your own skills and intuition - police chief is not thrilled by the perspective of amateur getting in the way. You start in the central spot of Venice, Piazza San Marco, and from that point everything is up to you, even finding the locations you need to find.

Published by Infogrames in 1989 Murders in Venice mixes unusual elements - you are investigating a murder case and terrorist threat, you have a notebook, where you can write down clues you have learned, you can take photos of the suspects, you can write down the details you have learned about them, but all of it without any assistance.

You see Venice in the background, where you can travel between locations by scrolling the panorama of the city and clicking on the buildings. Again, no help here, you have to remember names of the buildings, otherwise you will have to click on everything. And there is another interesting factor - just like in KGB game years later, you do it all in real time, so you have to be in specific time and specific place in order to meet the right person you need to meet to move your investigation forward.

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Murders in Venice retro gameMurders in Venice retro gameMurders in Venice retro gameMurders in Venice retro gameMurders in Venice retro gameMurders in Venice retro game

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