Dictator 1983 retro game
Dictator 1983 retro game
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Dictator retro game

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Dictator is a small political game originally developed for ZX81, but later not only converted to other platforms, also many of the future games were based on the concept or inspired by the Dictator (Tropico to name an obvious one).

We take over the power in small country called Ritimban Republic and from day one we have to deal with 8 groups that could destroy our government within one night: army, peasants, landowners, guerillas, Leftotans, secret police, Russians and Americans. Each of that group is important for the Ritimban, but at the same time it is dangerous to the country, for example army keeps the country safe from guerillas, but also they have political ambitions, so don’t want them too strong or they will take over the power. The landowners bring money, but at the same time demand power for them, which will weaken the position of army. Russians and Americans can help the country financially, in military equipment, but also they try to play their own game here.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg - we also have to take the country budget under the consideration in every decision. We have to secure the country progress, but at the same time avoid bankruptcy, which is hard enough without the interference from outside. And there is one other side to the game - we have to take care of our own future. Our dictatorship won’t last forever, so we have to prepare for the inevitable revolution, that one day will end our reign.

Simple political game that was brilliant enough to be copied to this day and to be the shining example that graphics isn’t everything in gaming - solid concept and gameplay can last forever, while graphics will be outdated in a year or two.

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Dictator retro gameDictator retro gameDictator retro gameDictator retro gameDictator retro gameDictator retro gameDictator retro game

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