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The Train: Escape to Normandy retro game

The Train: Escape to Normandy

One of the early simulations based on the 1964 war movie The Train - during World War 2 French resistance takes control over a train and drives it towards Normandy, where Allied forces have landed.

Footballer of the Year retro game

Footballer of the Year

Build your own career as a soccer player and make it to the top to become the player of the year.

PSV Eindhoven Manager retro game

PSV Eindhoven Manager

Soccer management game made with a little twist - all the events that take place in the game are accompanied by samples from sitcoms, movies or songs, which creates a great fun.

Brigade Commander retro game

Brigade Commander

One of the first real-time strategy games (RTS) - set during Cold War we take part in scenarios about Warsaw Pact attacking the west.

Agent USA retro game

Agent USA

Game that was planned as simple educational entertainment for the kids, but in fact turned out to be quite good fun for long hours.

Story of the Zone

Silent Service retro game

Silent Service

Classic submarine simulator that set the standards for the genre that more or less are still in use in modern titles.

Blue Max retro game

Blue Max

Classic arcade game with slight elements of simulation - we take control over World War I plane that flies deep behind enemy lines and attacks the land targets and strategic bridges.

Strikefleet retro game


While flight simulators and submarine simulators were quite popular genre in early computer games the simulators of surface warships were not that popular and Strikefleet is shining example why.

Championship Manager retro game

Championship Manager

Classic soccer management game that created new standards of the genre - while simulating British professional division it gave the options to run youth team and simulated all the clubs plus option to build your own career.

Silent Hunter retro game

Silent Hunter

First real subsim after the 8-bit computers classics Silent Service and Silent Service 2 - you are put in charge of World War 2 submarine on Pacific.

Test Drive III: the Passion retro game

Test Drive III: the Passion

Third of the Test Drive racing games was offering simple 3D vector graphics and... not much more, unfortunately.

MiG-29 Fulcrum retro game

MiG-29 Fulcrum

First ever flight simulator that concentrated on the Soviet airplane, the workhorse of Soviet Army, MiG-29 Fulcrum. The creators decided to take up a bit of revolution with mouse as the main controller.

The Hunt for Red October retro game

The Hunt for Red October

Game advertised as "ultimate submarine combat simulator" that did not managed to live up to the optimism of the publisher.

The Lost Patrol retro game

The Lost Patrol

The Lost Patrol is one of the games that simply canít be described in just few words. It canít even be assigned to a particular genre. It is something that has to be played to understand.

Kennedy Approach retro game

Kennedy Approach

Being air traffic controller is the most stressful job in the world, but the same job turned into a game is surprisingly entertaining.

Getaway! retro game


Classic arcade game, in which we drive a getaway car through city and collect stash while 3 police cars are out to get us.

Rescue on Fractalus! retro game

Rescue on Fractalus!

Rocky surface and dense toxic atmosphere of planet Fractalus is a worst place to be stuck, especially when your fighter has just been shot down and you donít really have much choice.

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